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    Default SNCF Carte Enfant +

    This is a great deal at 71 euros.

    You purchase this card in a childs name and up to 4 adults (none required to be parents) or children will benefit from discounts ranging from 25% to 50% OFF.

    In one single train trip this card can pay for itself and save you money.

    The child owner of the card as well as children 4 to 12 travelling together will pay 50% of what the adults are paying. If the child is less then 4 years old, he/she will get a free ticket with his own seat.

    Details in English:
    - Up to 50% Off full leisure price on TGV, Teoz, Lunea and certain night train Corail
    - 50% off Corails, Intercites and TER for travel started during a blue period
    - 25% OFF minimum on all other tickets whatever the train or the booking time until the last seat is sold.

    You can change the ticket for free or even exchange them until the day before travel. Up to 1 hour before the travel you can change or ask for a refund of tickets for 3 euro per ticket.

    - Free child seat on Avis
    - 1 or 2 free breakfast when booking "Train+Hotel" at Accor Hotels (Mercure, Novotal, etc...)

    Details on this card:
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