thanks for bothering to read this one American woman's post.
hi, my name is Hana. I have a tumblr (lookachipstuh) that I will update, pertaining to more thoughts and development I will be making to my projected plan to move to France by October 2012.
I am graduating San Francisco State in the spring of this year, with a bachelors of science degree in product design. This final semester, I am taking two polar classes, at two different campi. City College I late enrolled in a Conceptual Physics class taught by bombshell blonde Dr. JJ. At my home college, SF State, I am taking the culminating experience class: R+D (research and development) my topic is still under development, but I want to explore and reverse the poisoning effects of the one-time-use disposable garbage that food services and our coffee worshipping culture consumes every day.
I am posting in this topic, because I want to make connections and hope to befriend strangers walking sur la meme piste comme moi.
I want to learn the alleys of the major city that I will be dwelling in, by walking.
Through unplanned encounters, meet local figures making big figures. ..yeahhh!
And most importantly, before the six months is up, what can I do in san FRANCisco Calif. To be up to par, speaking, conversating, refuting, convincing, and seducing in language.
A forum seemed right, so I registered and posted on the same day.